My project titled ‘The Dust’ is a short movie which main purpose is to show how different modern technologies are used nowadays in film productions to recreate the old times. By old times I mean not only the old movie style (washed out colours, grainy video, etc.) but also the recreation of the atmosphere of the past. I am Computing student however I am really interested in filmmaking as well, so I decided to combine my hobbies and create something hopefully interesting and with a deeper meaning. The main inspiration were Baz Luhrmann’s movies (The Great Gatsby, Australia, Moulin Rouge!) as well as the Aerial album by Kate Bush. My dissertation investigates the methods used in actual modern movies which talk about the past and my movie implements most of these techniques.

Roles: modelling, animation, VFX, acquisition, lighting, shading, compositing, colour grading

Software: 3dsMax, VRay, After Effects